Friday, September 02, 2011

channel seeding strategy

back in march this year, we are appointed as sole distributor for POLAR Bottle USA, it's simply a water bottle for people who enjoy bicycle.

one month before the goods arrived we have executed seeding strategy to our channels:

what are seeding strategy?
1. start sending epostcard about our POLAR products to person in charge in channels;
2. making seed calls at retail outlets - asking about POLAR bottle;
3. send by email a comprehensive business presentation about POLAR bottle to channel PIC;

before our good arrived, we have successfully opened about 40 retail outlets. as of end of august 2011, we have over 100 retail outlets selling POLAR bottle. that is right just for simple product of water bottle.

to develop your channel successfully its critical that you win their mind share first before launching your products, this is key to seeding strategy

our target is to have 400 retail outlet before the end of 2011.