Wednesday, August 31, 2011

macindo introduce macindo MDM email services

how do you reach customers effectively and cheaply? this is the golden question any distributor or marketer ask. we discover this by accident.

MDM E-Mail ServicesDigital Marketing
New Most Effective Way to Reach Millions of Indonesian Customers


I started MDM Digital Marketing by accident in 2008 financial crisis. At that time as Kodak digital camera distributor in Indonesia, we had many older stock to clear and it was very difficult to sell these older models to dealers.We had ten of thousands of customer warranty cards every month for registration with complete emails address, HP and name from our 20 years of business operation. I told my team let’s use these emails! We did the first E-mail blast and we sold over 400 Kodak digital cameras in just 4 days. Our showroom were so crowded, I was totally shocked.From my 20 years experience in marketing and distribution, I have never seen anything work so well, so effective and so fast! Just amazing! I realized from that moment that digital marketing is the critical success factor for any future companies to survive.

~ Santoso Suratso, Chief -MDM